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Happy Kids continuous diagnostic gathers as much information as possible about students’ knowledge in order to recommend the skills that will challenge them at just the right level and help them grow the most.


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AHC Nursing breast pads is made from super absorbent material that absorb the leaks from the lactating breasts and keep the nipples dry and your clothes spot free


AHC baby diaper changing and massaging pad is specially designed pad to help the moms in changing the diapers of their babies and give a relaxed platform


AHC’s waterproof protective dry sheets safeguards babies from perspiration, allergens and bacteria. The sheets are made of fleece fabric and coated with a layer of PUL.

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We believe in creating the products from our country for our country

At AHC our each product is developed keeping in mind to fulfil a need of mother /child with oth most care and safety.


Our each product is Easy to use , Easy to clean , economical , Made in india , Unique , Premium

  • Innovation
  • Economically Premium
  • Environment friendly
  • Care


We have inhouse facility in which we work to create new unique products for our clients Made in india

Environment Friendly

Our each product is ecofriendly and in one or other way helps in keeping the planet neat and clean.

Economically Premium

Our each and every product is premium in quality and economical in price as per the usability of the product.


Our each product is Designed and crafted keeping in mind the care for mother & Baby Easy to use, Hygenic, Washable & Reusable


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“The food is G-R-E-A-T and the house my child live in is awesome!, He is much better :)”

Rose BlueTeacher

“The staff at St. Happy Kids and the therapists have helped me and now I’m a better person.”

Ana SmithMother

“This is what I have learned; I have learned how to do division so that it is not hard anymore.”

Nicole KidmanDoctor

“I have learned to take responsibility for my actions. We go on some fun”

Matt AndersonMother

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